Rochester Memorial School

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16 Pine Street

Rochester, MA  02770


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RMS PTO Directory

Executive Board:

     Teacher Administrator -  Forrest Cote

     Parent Administrator - Kirstin Jimenez 

     Communication Chair - Tara Nelson

     Finance Chair - Sharon Cruz

     Event Chair - Heather Alford

     Fundraising Chair - Tracey Forns

     Outreach Chair - Sarah Carr

Communication Committee:

     Chair: Tara Nelson

          Parent Newsletter: Kirstin Jimenez

          Teacher Newsletter: Forrest Cote 

          Website/Social Media: Kirstin Jimenez

Finance Committee:

     Teacher Chair*: Sharon Cruz

     Parent Chair: Rose Jardim

          Event Overseer: Kirstin Jimenez


Event Committee:

     Chair*: Heather Alford 

     Co-Chair: Nicole Bolduc 

Fundraising Committee:

     Chair*: Tracey Forns 

          Book Fair Coordinator: Colleen Hathaway

          BoxTops Coordinators: Emily MacDonald & Carolyn Pinheiro 

Outreach Committee:

     Chair*: Sarah Carr

          Grants: Kate Duggan

          Cultural Committee: Kara Brown

              Co-Chair: Laurie Sommer

          Volunteer Coordinator: Carolyn Pinheiro

          Donations Chair: Michelle Garell