Get Involved

One of the most important parts of a PTO is bringing the school community together to help make RMS the best it can be! In order to do that, we need YOUR help! You don't have to come to meetings to be part of the RMS PTO! The smallest job can be the biggest help ad some you can do from home! You can also help just by giving us some new ideas! Don't hesitate to contact us if you've heard of a great idea or program! 

Help Wanted

The RMS PTO is looking for help in the following areas! These will be virtual this year!:

*contact if you are interested in any of these positions!

Committee Openings

The RMS PTO is always looking for help and input on current and upcoming projects. Consider joining one of these committees. If needed, meetings happen 1-2 times per month and are scheduled by the committee chair to accommodate as many members as possible. Everything is virtual and all meetings will take place on Zoom!

  • Event Committee: Plans and runs all events sponsored by the RMS PTO.

    • Family Fun Series: Plans and runs all Family Fun events.​ Family Fun events are FREE for all RMS families and are educational or health based.

    • Dance Committee: Plan, design, and run our Halloween and Spring Fling Dances.

    • Craft Fair Committee: Plan craft fair, contact vendors, advertise for, and run our Annual Holiday Craft Fair!

  • Fundraising Committee: Research, plan and run all PTO fundraisers. 

    • Read-a-thon Committee: Research vendors, plan and run a read-a-thon next school year.​

    • Fun Run Committee: Plan and run yearly Fun Run during Fitness Fun Day as well as help with additional  activities. Research the benefit of using a vendor vs. DIY next year

    • Holiday Shop Committee: Research vendors for next years Holiday Shop. Then schedule, plan, and run the Holiday Shop.

    • Summer Camp Fair: Plan event, contact vendors, advertise for, and run the Summer Camp Fair.

  • Outreach Committee: work with the greater Rochester and Tri-town Community on events benefiting the RMS Community, contacting local newspaper to advertise upcoming events, and making sure the RMS Community knows of any upcoming community events.​ 

  • Playground Committee: Research funding and grants and work with the school and town on upgrades to the RMS playgrounds. This includes blacktop painting, additional structures, and inclusion boards.

  • RMS Directory Committee: Work on establishing a directory for RMS. Research digital vs. print and best options. Solicit advertising donations for a print directory. Design directory form.

  • Outdoor Classroom Committee: Research low-maintenance ways to incorporate an outdoor classroom at RMS. Research outdoor- and environmentally-safe components such as seating and whiteboards.

*Click on the links to contact the Committee Chair for the committee you are interested in working with!